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Register at one of the regular SGE health care centres
To find the health care centre closest to your home, you can consult the map of the city Eindhoven (see below). When you have found a health care centre near to your home, you can register by filling in the registration form.

Registration form

Or register at SGE International 

Health care in The Netherlands might be organized in a very different way than in your home country. A foreign language can also be an obstacle. We understand this and therefore like to take the time for you and help you navigate Dutch healthcare. SGE is offering health care services tailored to the needs of internationals. Click on the button below for more information about this new service in Eindhoven.

SGE International


If you need to cancel your registration, for example when you are moving or switching to another GP or pharmacy, you can use the form below.

Deregister form

In gesprek met...
In gesprek met...
Geplaatst: 18 april 2019

Samenwerkingspartners in de wijk Tongelre in gesprek met wethouder Yasin Torunoglu over laaggeletterdheid en eenzaamheid.

Week van de teek
Week van de teek
Geplaatst: 16 april 2019

Het is de week van de teek. Teken kunnen ziektes overbrengen. Hoe u goed op teken kunt controleren ziet u in bijgaande korte film.

Sluitingsdata feestdagen / holidays closing dates
Sluitingsdata feestdagen / holidays closing dates
Geplaatst: 9 april 2019

De komende weken zijn er diverse feestdagen waarop onze gezondheidscentra gesloten zijn. Lees hier om welke data het gaat. In the coming weeks there are various holidays on which our health centers are closed. Read here which data is involved.